• 16 April 2017
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    1-Economists like to make theories. a)they b)she c)hr
    2-The government puts higher taxes on petrol a)you b)it c)they
    3-In some parts of Africa the traditional economy still exists. a)it b)he c)you
    4-People consumer almost everything they produce. a)he b)it c)they
    5-In the traditional economy men are hunters & farmers a) I. b) they. c) the
    6-Microeconomics looks at how the details of the economy work. a) it. b) you. c) they
    7-Some shops won't accept credit cards. a) they. b) it. c) we
    8-Inflation can happen for a number of reasons. a) they b) it. c) you

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    1 a2 b3 a4 c5 b6 a7 a8 b
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