• 16 April 2017
    • История
    • Автор: VelenaKum

    Помогите перевести,пожалуйста!!!! Заранее огромное спасибо!
    1. I returned to the office even more depressed than before. Geraldinehad gone but Julie was there. 2. As I approached the building now, I recalled the first occasion, eighteen months before, when I had driven up that twisting ribbon of gold. What a glorious place to live, Ihad thought. 3. Aidan Dunne watched the flowering of the Italian class with a pleasure that hehad not known possible. 4. Peggy said Jerry's English teacher was delighted with him. Hehadn't understood what poetry meant and now he did. 5. The Garaldishad never been made so welcome as in Ireland. Today was just one more example of it. 6. "I don't believe it," she cried out. I had never seen her quite so angry. 7. Lizahad heard the music. She could even have said what it was, something calledSwan Lake, by Tchaikovsky. 8. I was sure I'd be able to get home alone. Anitahad given incredibly detailed instructions, right down to the last lamp post. 9. This was a land where the peoplehad suffered, were still suffering and expected to suffer tomorrow. 10. The family began to warm to me in a way that Ihad not expected. 11. I was stunned. A quite brilliant thought, and one, whichhad simplynot occurred to me. 12. In truth there was no coincidence at all. Clairehad seen to that. 13. If you work until six, seven at night, and everybodyhas gone home, it's not a good idea for you to be walking out into a dark parking lot to get in your car. 14. The voice was icy now, and Bernard quickly nodded his understanding. Hehad neverrealized how frightening the Inspector could be. 15. Lewis thanked him and decided to communicate the information immediately. Morsehad told him that if anything" important came up, a message would always get through to him. 16. As theyhad agreed, Plant picked him up outside the college at one o'clock. 17. Her dining table was still set when he arrived. Shehad obviouslyhad soup but nothing else. He could see, too, that shehad been crying. 18. Shehad been frightened, but she wasn't frightened now; this must mean he had not asked the question she feared to hear. 19. Caroline whohad been an almost silent member of the party spoke for the first time. 20. She pushed open the door and saw almost at once that she had been right. Thereading-lamphad been left on and there were two volumes on the table. Someonehad been reading. 21. There was nothing around her to show that eight yearshad passed. 22. Suddenly the sky, whichhad been an expanse of clear azure blue, was darkened by a rolling cloud as grimy as factory smoke.

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    1. Я вернулся в офис еще более подавленным, чем раньше. Джеральдинеад ушел, но Джулия была там. 2. Когда я подошел к зданию сейчас, я вспомнил первый случай, за восемн...
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