• 30 March 2017
    • Қазақ тiлi
    • Автор: Korgek

    Помогите, пожалуйста.
    Fill in the blanks with the words: career, job, work, profession, trade, vocation:

    1. Should all ... be open to women?

    2. It’s hard ... for a poor man to keep his wife and children clothed and fed.

    3. What time do you get to your ... ?

    4. He is a lawyer by … .

    5. Shoemaking is a useful … .

    6. He lost his … .

    7. It’s difficult to find … during a depression.

    8. Your new Bantley car is a nice … .

    9. The college teaches many useful … .

    10. As a speech therapist she feels she has finally found her … .

    11. I want to find out more about … in journalism.

    12. Please, fill in the details of your present … .

    13. Fewer young people are entering the legal … nowadays.

    14. Women often return to … after they have had children.

    15. The boys were sent to a special college where they would all be taught a … .

    16. At the age of 37 Mike suddenly found himself out of … and
    without much hope of finding a … .

    17. Now there are more and more … opportunities for women.

    18. Men in manual … are less prone to stress-related illnesses.

    • Ответ оставил: Мненужнпомошь
    1. Should all professions be open to women? Для женщин все профессии должны быть открыты?  2. It’s hard work for a poor man to keep his wife and children clothed and f...
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