• 30 March 2017
    • Қазақ тiлi
    • Автор: Emcqwerty

    Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses like the present perfect or past simple.
    1A- Have you ever been to Europe B- Yes.I have I (be) have bun to Europe sweral times.In jact i (be) was in Europe last year.
    2A-What European contries (you. visit)?
    B-I visit......I (visit)......in 1988.I (be) .......in 1990.
    3 A- (Bob.have.ever) a job?
    B-yes he ____ .He (have) last of past time jobs.Last summer he (have) a job at ...................

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    1A - Have you ever been to Europe?B - Yes. I have. I have been to Europe several times. In fact I was in Europe last year. 2A - What European contries did you visit? B...
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