• 30 March 2017
    • Қазақ тiлi
    • Автор: АлисаКидлова

    Correct each sentence
    1.Tomatoes grown here.
    2. The floor is wash every morning .
    3. Cheese has made from milk.
    4.The cheese smells terribly.
    5. He sing terribly.
    6. Neither Jack nor his brother like football.
    7.I have known Ted's brother since two years.
    8.I live in this house for ten years.
    9. The Hills have no apple-trees in their garden too.
    10. The news are good

    • Ответ оставил: Мненужнпомошь
    1. Tomatoes are grown here.2. The floor is washed every morning.3. Cheese is made from milk.4. The cheese smells terrible.5. He sings terribly.6. Neither Jack nor his ...
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