• 23 March 2017
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    Отметьте предложения с верным порядком слов.
    1)Bella was feeding her dog at noon.
    2)Kelly's friends not were playing at 7 pm .
    3)Father was fixing our computer from 8 to 9 yesterday .
    4)Isabella was drawing a picture for her mother late in the evening .
    5)Bred was playing the violin at 4 pm .
    6)Tom and Jerry were playing with each other early in the morning .

    Раскройте скобки, употребляю глаголы во времени Past Indefinite или Past Continuous .
    1)I(to watch) _____TV when mother (to come) _____home.
    2)When Jerry (to open) ____the door, the sun (to shine) _____brightly.
    3)Alice (to find) ____a lot of berries in the forest yesterday.
    4)Jerry(to read) _____a new book from 7 till 9.
    5)Andrew (to be) _____late for the party yesterday.
    6)Mike's friends (to sit) ____in a cafe, when it (to start) ____raining.
    7)It (to rain) _____hard when I (to look) ____out of the window.
    8) Sarah (to watch) _____TV late in the evening yesterday.

    • Ответ оставил: Мненужнпомошь
    1,3,4,5,61. I was watching when mother came2. Opened,was shining3. Found4. Was reading5. Was6. Were sitting, started7. Was raining, looked8. Was watching
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