• 23 March 2017
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    Вставити слова .
    technique; creation; traditionally; portrait; ability; visitors; artist; attentively; art
    The beauty of a work of art has to be felt. One needs the ability to share the vision of the (1)
    ________________. One may develop such (2) __________________. Getting acquainted with fine arts
    usually begins in a museum or exhibition. In every great (3) ______________________ there is something
    simple and complicated at the same time. What is on the surface can be comprehended at once. But what
    lies deep can’t be seen at once. It requires great spiritual strain. One may have a glance at a (4)
    _______________________ and having realized whom it represents he may go further on. But it means
    you’ve looked at the picture but you haven’t seen it. Come up to it again and again. Look at it more (5)
    ____________________. Great works of (6) _______________________ seem to look different every time
    one stands before them. What makes the canvas a remarkable one? First of all the harmonious combination
    of colours, a marvelous concord of shades, hues, the whole colour scale, the opposition of light and shade.
    One gets the feeling of space, air and all the things represented by the canvas. The author should apply
    different tones very skillfully. And the (7) ____________________ will find such paintings captivating.

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    technique, traditionally лишние слова?1 artist2 ability3 creation4 portrait5 attentively6 art7 visitors
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