• 23 March 2017
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    • Автор: Nollypolly

    Переделайте в косвенную речь, пожалуйста!!!!!!
    1) They said, " We shall be dancing at the party at 9 o'clock p.m tomorrow.
    2) She said," He has invited me to the party"
    3) He said," I shall arrive at about 6 o'clock p.m tomorrow"
    4) Nick said," They were playing tennis when father came home"
    5) They said," We shall have done a lot of homework by 12 o'clock"
    6) He said ," I like to read romantic novels"
    7) He said," I took my examinations in June"
    8) I said," I have been studying English for two years already"
    9) He said," We had been waiting for them for two hours when the bus came"
    10) He said," They will be watching the match on television at 11 o'clock the day after tomorrow"
    11) He said," He has lost his key"
    12) The teacher said," The sun rises in the east"

    • Ответ оставил: Мненужнпомошь
    1. they said they would be ........2. she said he had invited her.....3. he said he would arrive...4. Nick said they had been plaing tennis...5.they said they would ha...
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