• 23 March 2017
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    Кто поможет с английским... Пожалуйста.
    Choose the correct defining pronoun /quantifier.
    1.There are two trees on the lawn. .. of them are spruce trees. (all, both)
    2.I had three pencils. Have you seen... of them? (any, either)
    3.There are four bushes in the garden, but... of them is rhododendrons. (neither, none)
    4.I have three winter coats, but .. of them is new. (neither, none)
    5.There are two umbrellas here, but.. of them is mine. (neither, none)
    6.He owns twelve cows. ... of them are Jerseys. (all, both)
    7.She has painted dozens of pictures. Have you seen...of them ?(any, either)
    8.Amy and Beth are twins. They.. play the guitar. (all, both)
    9.Two people said "Hello" to me, but I did not recognize... of them. (any, either)
    10.My wife and I... enjoy classical music. (all, both)
    11.I found all of the questions difficult. Did you answer.. of them correctly? (any, either)
    12.I asked six different people, but.. of them knew where Walnut Street was. (neither, none).

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    1 both2any3 none4 none5 neither 6 all7 any8 both9 either 10 both11 any12 none
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