• 20 March 2017
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    Turn the following sentences into Reported speech
    1) “You must try my home-made pie,” he said
    2)“Can I go home now?” he asked.
    3)”May I call you by your first name?” he asked her.
    4)"You can come in , but you mustn't make any noise" , she said to him
    5)" What time shall we arrive in London?"he asked.
    6)"She must try harder if she wants to succeed" he said.
    7)"My father will be angry with me, if fe finds out" she said.
    8)"You ought not to drive so fast" he said to her
    9)"They don't have to come if they don't feel like it" he said
    10)"You had better speak to the manager" she said to him.
    11)" I may not be able to meet you at the airport" he said to her

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    1) He said that I had to(must) try his home-made pie.2) He asked me if he could go home then.3) He asked her if he might  call her by  first name.4) She told him that ...
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