• 20 March 2017
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    What words are missing?

    I …….. and don’t go to school.

    This problem isn’t very ….. . Don’t … !

    My friend has a sore …. . It is difficult for him to …. .

    His …. tongue is English.

    True or false?

    The UK is an island state.

    The Welsh speak only English.

    The patron saint of England is St. George.

    Edinburgh is the capital of Northern Ireland.

    The UK is separated from the continent by the North Sea.

    Answer the questions.

    Who is the Head of State in the UK?

    Does the Queen rule the country?

    What does the Queen do?

    Who does the real power in Great Britain belong to?

    What do you know about the British Parliament?

    Find the proper answer to each question.

    Who goes to the cinema? a. Ann can.

    Which of you is in the 5th form? b. Pete and Tom do.

    Who can speak French? c. I am.

    Which of you was absent yesterday? d. My friends have.

    Who has been to Spain lately? e. They were.

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    Что пропускают слова?Я … ….. и не идите в школу.Эта проблема не очень …... Не делайте …!У моего друга есть рана ….. Это трудно для него к …..Его …. язык английский.Вер...
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