• 17 March 2017
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    • Автор: Nuraikabzhanovа

    Complete the text with the right word.
    expedition, drive, visiting, excursion, trip, journey, flight, voyage
    The weather was terrible that day, and our (1) ___from London was late. We got out of the airport at 8 in the evening. We had arranged to go on a guided (2) __in Paris but we were very tired. It was a half an hour’s (3) ___from our hotel to the center of Paris so we decided to have an early night. We had also booked a day (4) ___to Versailles the next morning but, after our long (5) __we preferred to get up late. My husband told me that we could have come to France by sea. “Can you remember that awful (6) ___we had two years ago!” I said to him. So our visit to Paris was not a success but our greatest wish is to go on an (7)___to the Himalayas one day! Traveling and (8) ___other countries is our hobby.

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    1flight2 excursion3 drive4 trip5 journey6 voyage7 expedition8 visiting
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