• 17 March 2017
    • Қазақ тiлi
    • Автор: Artemsolomein

    Заповніть пропуски, використовуючи наведені слова: medicine, treatment, boring, cure, unhealthy, mental illness, patient, health.

    ⦁ It was … to listen to that fat man’s complaints about health. Never take … , which has been prescribed, for somebody else.
    ⦁ His uncle undergoes … for alcoholism.
    ⦁ They say she has some … .
    ⦁ Doctors are now able to … people of many diseases, which in former times would have killed them.
    ⦁ It was early to discharge the mental … from the hospital.
    ⦁ It's … to smoke.
    ⦁ He decided to recover his … in a sanatorium.

    • Ответ оставил: Мненужнпомошь
    Boring-medicinemental illnesstreatmentcure patient unhealthyhealth
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