• 17 March 2017
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    • Автор: Artemsolomein

    Заповніть пропуски, використовуючи наведені слова:
    illness, curing, tests, positive, antidepressant, headaches, drug

    It has long been understood that suggestion can be very powerful in both (1)...and causing (2)____, but historically the emphasis has been on the (3)_...side. The negative side is called a nocebo. It shows up regularly in (4)...in which one group is given a real (5)_____and another a fake drug as a control. For example, in one study of the (6)_...Prozac, 15 percent of the subjects claimed to have gotten (7)_...even though it turned out they were receiving a placebo.

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    1 curing2 illness3 positive4tests5 drug6 antidepressant7 headaches
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    Ответ:1) curing2) illness3) positive4) ...5) drug6) antidepressant7) headaches.
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