• 17 March 2017
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    The British people everyone else like sports and games. Britain invented and developed many of the sports and games which are now played all over the world. Football is one of them. It is spread all over the country – in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Their national teams compete with each other every year. They take part in different competitions. The two best teams play in the Cup Final at Wimble Stadium in London. There are many football clubs all over Britain.

    The British are famous for their sense of humor. Here’s one of their jokes about football: “Football is a game in which one side of the stadium want to see eleven men killed.”

    Cricket is another popular summer sport. It is sometimes called an English national game. It is known that people played cricket in England as early as 1550. Nowadays this summer game is plays in schools, colleges, universities and in most towns and villages of Britain. Students play weekly games from late April to the end of September. International cricket matches last for five days. Cricket is not plays only by men, girls and women play this game too.

    Boxing – is one of the oldest game. It existed even in Saxon times. Golf began to develops in Scotland and now is widely spread all over Britain. Nowadays every summer in June, the British hold the famous International Tennis Championship at Wimbledon near London.

    Swimming, boating, sailing, rugby, hockey, rowing, athletics, climbing and horse-riding have always been popular in Britain and enjoyed by millions of people.
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