• 17 March 2017
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    • Автор: Dan11l1

    Помогите с английским, пожалуйста
    Answer the following questions about yourself using I think/I hope/I expect I'll ... or I'm sure/I'm afraid I'll ..., as in the example.
    Пример: 1. Where will you be at 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon? / I expect I'll be at home.

    2. Where will you go at the weekend?

    3. Where will you spend your holidays?

    4. What will you do if you fail your exams?

    5. When will you buy your own car?

    6. Who will you ask for help if you are in trouble?

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    2. I expect I'll visit my grandmother.3. I'm afraid I'll spend my holidays at home because of my illness.4. I hope that I wont fail any of my exams.5. I think I'll buy...
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