• 17 March 2017
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    • Автор: Dan11l1

    Помогите с английским пожалуйста.
    In pairs, ask and answer question using the prompts below, as in the example.
    SA: Will you have a party on your birthday this year?
    SB: Yes, I will / No, I won't

    1. have a party on your birthday this year?

    2. go to university when you finish school?

    3. travel abroad if you have enough money?

    4. go out with your friends at the weekend?

    5. watch TV this evening?

    6. study hard for next term’s exams?

    7. learn how to drive next summer?

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    1. Yes, I will have party on my birthday 2.I have not decided yet whether I will go.3.I think that without my parents I will not be allowed to go anywhere.4.Yes, we wi...
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